Love is in the air

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Where you and your beloved think of each other, while getting whipped. Happy Lupercalia festival everyone. Grab your dog and goats and get ready for some bloody sacrif……. pardon me? Oh wait, you’re not expecting ancient (pre-)roman festivals regarding wolves and fertility?

Okay, so you’re more for that other stuff that’s more commonly celebrated these days. Fine with me. So, today we are celebrating the 1739th anniversary of the beheading of the patron saint of the beekeepers, Valentinus of Interamna, by giving our lovers flowers, candies and things that are not quite G-rated. Yay for us. (The most common theory of V-Day. And somewhat fitting… I mean if Christians can revere the „tool“ that was used to execute their prophet, lovers can celebrate their love on the day when one of their advocates got inhumed.)

Saudi Arabia preferred to ban the pagan V-Day. No signs of love allowed, not even red flowers, let alone roses. The police is even searching the flower shops for „suspicious“ wares. Brits on the other hand prefer to bet on whether Prince William will propose or not.

Isn’t it a funny world?

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