Coder fonts

I was searching for something completely different, but found something quite interesting. Small, monospace, readable, great fonts for programmers. Also very good to discriminate and so no more problems with l, I and 1 or O and 0.

ProFont and Sheldon

ProFont is great, but I prefer Sheldon for the simple reason that the ‚a‘ can be easier distinguished from the ‚o‘. The only thing that doesn’t work well with both fonts is bold highlighting, as some characters become unreadable, but then again I can live without that.

More easy-to-read code on one display, f*ck yeah!

Edit: I’d like to point out to the Dina Programming Font, that Manuel mentioned in a comment below. That one is even better and has been my standard coding font for quite a while. And if you don’t mind to pay for a font, PragmataPro™ might be the thing for you. Looks really great, but $70 or $170 is quite expensive for a font I would only use personally on my computer for coding.

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