Recap Week 2012-22

Wednesday night, I noticed some flashing from my window. A thunderstorm, yes!!! I tried to collect my photography equipment as fast as possible (not fast) and went onto my balcony to camp for it. I’ve been waiting for it to come closer, experimented with the settings, waited for it to come closer, got my remote shutter to work again, waited for it to come closer… waited for it to… AH DAMMIT!!! The frickin‘ storm wandered along the horizon (behind some hills to be even more precise) mocking me with some lonely flashes every once in a while.

I assembled the few lightnings I could capture into this picture. Sorry ‚bout the crappy quality, but I moved the camera around a bit, zoomed in and out, so it was hard to get them into one clean image. Well, at least with the effort I was willing to put in.

Thunderstorm 2012-05-30 (© Oliver Kuka)

I got my foam roller. Well, I got it almost two weeks now, but this week was the first time I used it and it’s quite nice, could really get used to it, even though, I have to „train“ a bit to use it effectively. I also had a gift coupon for a massage lying around for over two years. On Sunday I finally used it. I regret that I didn’t use it earlier. Damn, that was good, even though it was quite painful at some muscle tensions in my back. But I really should really get this more often.

Fitocracy points: 3931 – My new push-up max is now 50. Half the way to the real century push. For not training it, I’m happy with those results. Oh and speaking of calisthenics, I did 20 pull-ups. Also started my leg training again. Did lunges to start and OH MY ASS, I really do feel the break.

Favourite quote: Some people say… good things come to those who wait. Truth is, good things come to those who work. Who work later. Who work harder. You’re willing to go father than anyone else to get them. If you are waiting for good things to come to you, you’ll be waiting for pretty long time. – from a Crysler 300 commercial

Recap Week 2012-21

I should really take notes over the week to remember the stuff I wanted to write here. Seems like my age is taking it’s tolls. Then again, since I’m not that old, I guess I just have bad memory  to start with. It’s like my classic problem that I already forgot on Tuesday, which movie I’ve been watching on Monday’s sneak preview. Just that I got better at that. (But I still suck with names and faces.)

I have to correct myself a bit btw. I said one should destroy racism, but not be like a panda. Well, sometimes, you should be like a panda!

Panda Dance (origin and copyright unknown)

In another, semi-related note, I’m going to asia this fall again. More information about that another time.

I’m now two weeks of movie reviews behind, so better get back to writing! (These long weekends really do kill my flow.) So just as an info what you can look forward to (or not): Act of Valor and Safe

Favourite quote: „Why do people keep insisting that I join the 21st Century? I *LIVE* in the 21st Century! I just don’t want to be bothered by the shitheads on the internet!“ – Harlan Ellison [unsourced]

Fitocracy points: 3,258 – After altering my routine a bit to doing more sets of the more complex movements, my upper body workouts yield more points. Now am I doing this for being the better workout or just for getting more points? Tough question.

Recap Week 2012-20

According to my original plans, I would’ve had a long weekend, with four days off, only „interrupted“ by a bar job at the Kelterplatzfest (Wine Press Square Festival) on Saturday. Buuuuut, of course that didn’t work out. Already on Wednesday evening I got an emergency call for a broken car, which resulted into half a Thursday of driving around and changing tires.

Killing over half of the weekend (instead of the planned few hours) were the computers of my parents. Upgrading their old workstation didn’t work out too well, since the current support of Gnome in Ubuntu is crap. After working around a bit, the best solution was to switch to a fresh install of Xubuntu, which came as an obvious choice, since I’m using Xfce on half of my boxes as well and the project got quite good in the last few years. And then there’s this really old notebook my old man brought back from a flea market several weeks ago. I’ve been avoiding to work on it, since the machine is crap (for some reason I can’t get him let me get him a decent notebook). But now, facing the scenario that the workstation might be off for a few more days, I also got the notebook running. I would’ve preferred to run Xubuntu there as well for consistency, but since the machine is too old, I even had to step even further down (prerequisite-wise) and use Lubuntu, which is running LXDE. Missing some features, but hey, it’s working. Now both machines are running and the workstation already has been „shipped“. Let’s see how that’ll work out. So far, my phone hasn’t been ringing.

And then, there was the Kelterplatzfest. A festival on a day with semi-bad weather forecast and the Champions League Final with a German team. Fat chance! I have to admit, though, I was expecting less people around. The weather wasn’t so bad and the square didn’t clear out at half past eight. But business wasn’t that good. Customers only coming once in a while, no rush demand. A tightrope walk between being an easy and being a boring assignment. My co-workers could spend a lot of time talking and smoking. Maybe I shold work on my bar mixing skills again and add cocktails to the menu next time.

So, in the end, I only had a few hours for myself on Sunday evening, which I spent playing Assassin’s Creed till 4am. Not a good choice for my timetable. Wait, that’s not entirely correct. I could also count cooking and eating as time for myself. Made some real nice pasta with chicken breast and a parsley-ginger sauce. I might do that again and post a recipe with pictures. The sauce also used some mascarpone and I got some good looking strawberries, so I even made dessert for a change, which was also great.

In other news, my knees are quite good so far. Will consider to start the stabilizing training soon.

Favourite quote: America fears the unshaven legs, the unshaven men’s cheeks, the aroma of perspiration, and the limp prick. Above all it fears the limp prick. – Walter Abish

Fitocracy points: 1,751 – Been busy at the end of the week and thus declared it a rest week.

Recap Week 2012-16

I think I can now add baking to my skill list (even if just on a low level). Of course, a lot to improve, but after making cookies for Christmas, helping to bake a cake and glaze it (only mentioning the glazing, because it was a penguin and thus a bit more complicated) for New Year’s Eve, as well as baking one just by myself now, I think I can try to bake something now any time (quality of the results are open to speculations). I guess I have to dig out all those /fit/ baking recipies and give them a try.

Fitocracy points: 2973 [50 from quest] – My upper and lower heavy routines weren’t that good this week.

Zitat: Ballistische Experimente mit kristallinem H2O auf dem Areal der Pädagogischen Institutionen unterliegen striktester Prohibition! [Can’t really translate that quote well into English, so just in German this week.]

Recap Week 2012-14

On the long easter weekend I’ve been trying some stuff in the kitchen again. One of the conclusions is, that asparagus shouldn’t be boiled in water, but rather in it’s own juice in the oven. Tastes so much better. Also, investing in meat thermometer has been worth the money, the roast beef I cooked was perfectly medium to well-done.

Sneak flick was a predictable, semi-funny German movie, which I didn’t watch to the end. Wrote a semi-review in German about Einer wie Bruno.

Favourite quote: Cursi, extuli, ostentavi. (I ran, I lifted, I posed/showed off.)
We were trying to find a quote similar to „Veni, vidi, vici.“ on Fitocracy. After some debating (none of us is really fluent in Latin), this is the result we got so far. Quite a bit with my own research and memory of that one year I took Latin in school.

Fitocracy points: 1179 – First real training after my sickness. I plan on going back to normal and breaking some personal records again this week.

Recap Week 2012 -13

Still being sick this week, thus not a lot to report. No sneak preview (looks like I missed The Grey), no training.

But I finally got around to play through the Special Edition of „The Secret of Monkey Island“ and starting the SE of „Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge“. I do like the remake of MI1, but the one of MI2 is really great. The graphics are way better and they included audio commentary by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman. Really enjoyable and enlightening. And very interesting that, even though I haven’t been playing these games for ages, I still can remember every solution… eventually. I wonder when I will find the time to play the rest of MI2. Maybe after that I could replay the other Monkey Island games. And maybe that’ll be even this year… yeah, as if.

Favourite quote: Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining. – Jef Raskin

Fitocracy points: 55 [no real training this week, trying to recover]

Regarding this Blog: Well, I did post several older posts (more than I originally planned) and will probably also post some from the first blog, as well as the movie reviews I wrote years back. After that, I might do some SEO, just for the heck of it.

Recap Week 2012-12

I thought, I could do some (semi-)weekly recap of the past week, just for fun and to write something more (we all know where this will probably lead, but hey, let’s be optimistic).

Learned (again): Being nice doesn’t pay off. We did interviews for trainees the week before, but one candidate couldn’t show up due health reasons. Since we couldn’t really decide on a candidate right off the bat, we thought we’d invite the other guy a few days later, so he gets a chance as well and we maybe an option more.

Still not completely healthy he showed up on Tuesday and on the weekend I was sick as well. Joy! I’ve been wondering where the heck I could’ve get that infection, till I finally remembered about that interview on Sunday.

(And we decided on another candidate, but that had nothing to do with the sickness.)

Sneak flick: The Woman in Black – Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) is a young lawyer who lost his wife during childbirth. He leads an overshadowed life ever since, which also rubs off on his son and his job. Been given one last chance by his boss, he travels to a remote village to ready the papers needed to sell off an old manor. But people around here are not happy about this and strange things start to happen, leading to the death of a young girl.

For a horror movie, that one wasn’t so bad. While it uses quite a lot of jump scares, it does not rely on them. In fact, the movie manages to keep up a certain tension most of the time. And even though I’m not sure if Harry Pot… Daniel Radcliffe is playing his role very good or just can’t act, I tend a bit more to him playing it well. So again, for being a horror movie, that one wasn’t so bad. And I am not a fan of horror movies. So if you actually like movies like that, you might spend your money well here.

Favourite quote: Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam.Cato the Elder (234 BC– 149 BC)

Fitocracy points: 4066 [400 from quests, slow week, no real workouts on Wednesday and Sunday] (Will be posting this to keep track of it for personal curiosity.)

Regarding this Blog: Well, first off, this is also a test for including my posts here to Facebook. I will not copy comments from one system to another, dues to privacy issues, but every once in a while I want to post a link to this blog and I found an easy way with Add Link to Facebook.

Also decided to repost some older entries. I put effort into them, would be a shame to lose them.