Recap Week 2012-21

I should really take notes over the week to remember the stuff I wanted to write here. Seems like my age is taking it’s tolls. Then again, since I’m not that old, I guess I just have bad memory  to start with. It’s like my classic problem that I already forgot on Tuesday, which movie I’ve been watching on Monday’s sneak preview. Just that I got better at that. (But I still suck with names and faces.)

I have to correct myself a bit btw. I said one should destroy racism, but not be like a panda. Well, sometimes, you should be like a panda!

Panda Dance (origin and copyright unknown)

In another, semi-related note, I’m going to asia this fall again. More information about that another time.

I’m now two weeks of movie reviews behind, so better get back to writing! (These long weekends really do kill my flow.) So just as an info what you can look forward to (or not): Act of Valor and Safe

Favourite quote: „Why do people keep insisting that I join the 21st Century? I *LIVE* in the 21st Century! I just don’t want to be bothered by the shitheads on the internet!“ – Harlan Ellison [unsourced]

Fitocracy points: 3,258 – After altering my routine a bit to doing more sets of the more complex movements, my upper body workouts yield more points. Now am I doing this for being the better workout or just for getting more points? Tough question.

Be like a Panda? NO!

Copyright: Unknown; License: Unknown; Source: like a panda? The Giant Panda is a lazy creature, not very clever. They mostly feed themselves on something they can’t digest well, meaning they have to eat and shit all day. They don’t breed very well, it’s almost like they want to go extinct. And on top of it, they are the tool of the quite dubious Panda Diplomacy of the Chinese government.

Destroy racism, yes! But don’t be like a panda!

Edit: Okay, sometimes it’s okay to be like a panda.