Lost Music

Yesterday I’ve been watching No Retreat, No Surrender (aka. Karate Tiger in Germany/Europe) while working on some maps. Basking there in nostalgia, I noticed a song that I haven’t heard in years. I haven’t heard it since the last time I watched this movie, to be precise.

Ten minutes and a bit of searching later I knew more. The song I wanted is „Hold On to the Vision (in your eyes)“ composed by Frank Harris and sung by Kevin Chalfant and never made it to the stores. Even the master records seem(ed) to be lost. But years of asking, begging and sacrificing virgins have finally been yielding some fruits last year. Harris released a CD with all songs of the movie and some remixes: No Retreat No Surrender Original Soundtrack Album

I also found out that by now a German band recorded a very good cover song of Hold on to your vision, which can be ordered on their website.

So, anyone who is searching a little present for me because… uhm… I’m such a swell guy, has my permission to endow me with those CDs. Please, go ahead.

And if you want to listen to a full length, low quality sample of the song, check your friendly YouTube neighbor.

Everything used to be better

While listening to the Sunscreen Song (Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)) it came to me: The bible must be right in at least one point.

If every generation fantasizes about how everything used to be better and how good it was back in the days and if we follow this path back into the past long enough… we once were living in paradise.