How to type?

What’s the best way to type? I’m personally switching from four to ten fingers, depending on the situation and my needs. At school I attended a course to learn the touch system („10 Finger System“ or „Maschinenschreiben“ as we call it in German), but you could say I failed. In the years to come, though, when I started to write more, I somewhat developed my own system. The way you type can say a lot about you. As well as your input device does.

Most people are using keyboards. But what kind of keyboard? How does it feel to type? Is it dirty? Is it cheap? Is it elegant? Is it wireless? Maybe even backlit? Do the WASD keys look more used than the others? All those things tell a lot about someone.

But why stick to a regular keyboard? How about a keyboard that can be used with one hand? I think I would like that and am thinking about getting a frogpad. With two of that I could code on two systems at once. And since they come with bluetooth now, I could even use it with my PDA or cell phone.

This leads me to the reason I started writing this. Recently I stumbled on cre8txt, a hand-held keyboard which can be used as if one was texting a SMS on a mobile. I must admit that’s somewhat clever. Many (young) people these days are comfortable with this way of text input. For some it’s even the first way of digital input they learn. So why not give them an input device they’re familiar with. Could be even some great tool for disabled people who are unable to handle keyboards and one handed keyboards.

Still, one thing bugs me. The translation software that puts SMS slang into regular language. Oh come on, this supports the trend of raping languages. When I hear someone say ‚lol‘, it’s kinda funny. But when I see and hear how some youngsters are taking and writing these days, I begin to feel like an oldtimer who would give them more books to read.

Still, I’m fond of the general idea and find it somewhat innovative. But if we continue and bring more modern devices and controls some people are used to use to the regular life, what will be next? A gamepad in cars? Keyboard and mouse for airplanes, so the pilot can circle-strafe the airport? We’ll see.