Be like a Panda? NO!

Copyright: Unknown; License: Unknown; Source: like a panda? The Giant Panda is a lazy creature, not very clever. They mostly feed themselves on something they can’t digest well, meaning they have to eat and shit all day. They don’t breed very well, it’s almost like they want to go extinct. And on top of it, they are the tool of the quite dubious Panda Diplomacy of the Chinese government.

Destroy racism, yes! But don’t be like a panda!

Edit: Okay, sometimes it’s okay to be like a panda.

Killer features?

So let’s see if I understand current commercials correctly. It seems that the killer feature of Windows 7 is to arrange two windows side by side. Wow! But then again, the killer feature of the new iPhone is copy & paste.

Conclusion: I should lower my standards. Drastically!

I’m waiting for the new Zen player. Prolly you can adjust the volume with that one.