3D Page Inspector in Firefox

By accident I just discovered the new 3D Page Inspector in Firefox 11. This is a cool feature for web developers and -designers. A very awesome and intuitive way to analyse websites.

Here are two videos, the first one shows what it does and also shows another nice feature. The second one shows how you can „abuse“ this new page inspector. And I’m really looking forward to people doing this!

If you already got Firefox 11 and a computer that supports the feature, you can check out that demo yourself.

Programming with Alice

Speaking of 3D and learning. A few days ago I discoverd Alice, a 3D programming environment. Basically it’s a tool that let’s you create/program animations and simple games via an easy GUI, without having to worry about syntax and typing errors. Meaning the student/learner can concentrate on learning the basics of programing or tell a story, rather than search for a missing semicolon. According to some numbers the site casts around, it is improving the learning curve extremely. Definitely worth looking at for anyone from a hobby programmer to a CS major.

I’d love to hear if anyone already used it and can share their thoughts. I already gave the link to our CS department and am considering to let our trainees work with it.