Recap Week 2012-23

Lessons of this week:

  • If the schedule for the plumbers visit to the flats in the house tells you he’ll be there somewhen between 10:00 and 14:00, it’ll be 13:45. And that was just the vague schedule for our floor with five flats. (Of course, if I had predicted that and would’ve gone shopping or to the barber, he would’ve been knocking at my door at 10:01.)
  • Phone calls and cooking don’t always mix up well. And instead of experiementing on a new dish, I’ve been experimenting on how to get that braised plastic from my cutting board off my stovetop. The fricking thing was even burning.
  • If you’re unsure about that next rep and don’t have a spotter, don’t do it. At least with bench pressing. Even missed the right lower buck of the rack and kissed the barbell. Ouch.

Fitocracy points: 851 – Just one workout last week and the result is noted above. ’nuff said.

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