Recap Week 2012-19

Not much to report. I’m a bit worried about my knees, though. Not really painful, but slightly hurting and creaking. Maybe I messed up somewhere with the squatting or the leg extensions I did for a few weeks hurt them and heavy squatting didn’t make it better. (I assume the later.) I’ll see what I can do about that. For starters I will rest the legs a bit, till they are okay again. Maybe I’m a bit too careful, but I don’t want to damage them, since I think I need my legs. I’ll post my recovery plan, once I wrote it down. But for some reason I guess it will include saying goodbye to my gains for a while.

And I’m a bit in a dilemma about my movie reviews. I write them in English for a wider readership (as if) and for practice. But the movies I review are usually already long out in the English speaking countries and are just about to be released in Germany. So I actually should write them in German, so they are not as out-dated and more suitable for the appropriate target group. Okay, I shouldn’t use the term „target group“, since I know not many people are even reading them. And if I would like to tackle that, I would need to set up several topic-oriented blogs, which would lead to several untended blogs and/or would kill too much time. Nah, I think I’ll just leave it like it is for now. Only reason to reconsider the language choice for the reviews would be some other place to write them for, like a newspaper or something. Which I won’t do I guess.

Favourite quotes: „Target goal: Leave a good looking corpse.“ (Goth girl on Fitocracy.); „Train like your stronger, fitter, evil-twin is plotting to kill you.“ (Also seen on Fitocracy.)
The last quote is interesting, since I tend to say that I am my own evil-twin, because of the beard.

Fitocracy points: 2874 – Resting the legs, just upper body and back exercises… if you don’t count the squat coaching I did on Tuesday for three guys in a row.

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