Recap Week 2012-17 & 18

The long weekend really threw me off. Missing Tuesdays training, was drowsy and not well enough prepared for Wednesday’s D&D session, didn’t write the movie review till Friday and also missed the recap (hence two weeks in one post).

But I got my new wardrobe on the last weekend, 4 weeks earlier than announced. Now I can put my cloths in there, instead of having them in three different rooms. That’ll free up some space to clutter up again.

I also posted my first movie reviews to IMDB, which can be read there. But of course that’s not necessary, since I also post them on this site.

Oh and on the long weekend, there was also the medival festival on Stettenfels. Has been nice, as always and I got myself a bunch of arrows. I really should take the time and finish my longbow, so I can disgrace myself participate in contests.

But of course I should also finish my scabbards and finally work with all the leather I gathered over the last two years. Then there was that soldering iron, I wanted to use to decorate some horns. And let’s not even think about the leather armour I wanted to make for sparring. (That protective jacket for fencing masters may be strong enough, but kills a lot of the agility I need for 3-dimensional fencing.) Well, I won’t get bored.

Favourite quote: I wish people would love everybody else the way they love me. It would be a better world. – Muhammad Ali

Fitocracy points: Week 17: 2955 + lvl2 squat achievement + level-up to 28 – Not much time on Friday and Sunday, but still kinda good. Week 18: 2418 – No gym on Tuesday, but doing a bit more on Wednesday and on Sunday I only did One-Arm Push-ups. Oh yeah, I can do them now!

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