Recap Week 2012-15

You just want to do your car something good and take it to the car wash and what’s the reward: Car won’t start afterwards. Oh great. And what was the problem (after checking out more obvious things)? The ignition coil had a crack – again – and got wet. Thank you creepage current! Well, it’s been a few months since I had to work on my car, so of course it felt neglected.

Aside that, I can’t remember anything from that week, except my regular stuff, stuff I already posted and spending too much time at work. And I’ll have to focus a bit more on RPG not, since I’ll be the game master again. Oh sweet playing time, I’ll miss you. It’ll be a loooong time till we’re finished with that upcoming part(s).

Fitocracy points: 3051 + lvl2 deadlift achievement – Feeling way better again and training went mostly good.

In other news: 6-digit

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