Recap Week 2012-14

On the long easter weekend I’ve been trying some stuff in the kitchen again. One of the conclusions is, that asparagus shouldn’t be boiled in water, but rather in it’s own juice in the oven. Tastes so much better. Also, investing in meat thermometer has been worth the money, the roast beef I cooked was perfectly medium to well-done.

Sneak flick was a predictable, semi-funny German movie, which I didn’t watch to the end. Wrote a semi-review in German about Einer wie Bruno.

Favourite quote: Cursi, extuli, ostentavi. (I ran, I lifted, I posed/showed off.)
We were trying to find a quote similar to „Veni, vidi, vici.“ on Fitocracy. After some debating (none of us is really fluent in Latin), this is the result we got so far. Quite a bit with my own research and memory of that one year I took Latin in school.

Fitocracy points: 1179 – First real training after my sickness. I plan on going back to normal and breaking some personal records again this week.

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