I’m an artsy person. So, the hack I am, I try new arty things all the time. Last week, for example, I had a spontaneous gig. I did something which could be called automobile dancing or car tumbling. It was some kind of performance art. I jumped down 3 meters (10 ft.) onto an acre, did a few somersaults and pirouettes and landed on my wheels. People came rushing from all over the vicinage to cheer for me. The result of this performance is now being exhibited at the local junkyard. But I have to admit, that it was a bit clumsy and rough for the first time. I’ll try doing it better the next time.

Epilogue: Yes, I’m fine, no worries, just a few scratches (my guardian angel excelled her-/himself). As for the car… totally f*cked up. Luckily no one else was involved and I’ve been driving alone. I don’t want to imagine what would’ve happened, if my usual co-driver would’ve been in the car as well. The police let me take off lightly as well. But this now takes a few things of my mind, like scheduling the next vehicle inspection, switching my car insurance, what to do with all the money I’ve been saving up or whether I should get new glasses. And no, I don’t really plan on doing that again.

2 Gedanken zu „c-ar-t“

  1. Nobody ever tells me anything! I didn’t even know this blog existed. Armer schwarzer Kater armes Auto. AUch wenn es so lange nach dem Unfall etwas spaet wirkt, ich bin unheimlich erleichtert das du nix ernsthaftes abbekommen hast. Eine hervorragende Idee die Sache nicht zu wiederholen! Pass’ auf dich auf bitte 🙂 es gibt viele Menschen die dich vermissen wuerden, mich zum Beispiel.
    Also willkommen zurueck im Leben.. und ich kenne den Blog nun.

  2. Nobody tells you anything? Wait a second, my dear. Who was it that commented back here? 😉
    Freut mich, dass ich vermisst werden würde. Und keine Sorge, ich will das auf keinen Fall wiederholen. Ist auch eine recht teure Kunstform 😉 . Aber ich könnte mal schnell ein Bild hochladen, fällt mir da ein.

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