Out of Office

Well, to be honest more like out of the country. It’s been a while since I last wrote here, since I’ve been a bit busy with vacation preparations and right now I’m busy with the vacation itself. Just like two years ago, I’m on a trip to Asia – this time it’s South Korea and (of course) Japan. At the moment I’m already in Japan and about half the trip is over.

Good chance to post that I’m not completely slacking off on blog writing. Actually I’ve been quite active, just not in this blog, but in the travel blog. So here’s the link, in case you want to check it out.

Travel On Planet Muh – Just another travel blog

Hopefully I’ll write more in here, once I get back. But no promises.

Like Phoenix…

… this blog is rising from the ashes… again.

Well, let’s see… my last entry in the old blog was about 1.5 years old. I guess I wasn’t quite up to date with it. Will not promise anything, but maybe this time I’ll keep up again.

Like last time, I will not restrict myself by language and post in English and German, depending on the topic or my mood. Deal with it. Maybe I’ll do an occational post in Japanese as well, if I ever get good enough with that.

The topics will be as random as usual. Computer stuff, movie reviews, ranting and maybe something about my new addiction fitness.

I don’t think I’ll repost a lot of stuff from the former blogs, but then again, we’ll see.


Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache

Lauch oder Porree? Schornstein oder Kamin? Reicht’s oder langt’s jetzt? Wo ist der zu gewinnende Blumentopf geläufig? Und wie nennt man eigentlich das Stofftuch zum Naseputzen in anderen Teilen unseres Sprachraums?

Diese und weitere Fragen klären die Erhebungen im Atlas zur deutschen Alltagssprache (AdA) von den Germanistikern der Uni Augsburg. Hochinteressant.