Be like a Panda? NO!

Copyright: Unknown; License: Unknown; Source: like a panda? The Giant Panda is a lazy creature, not very clever. They mostly feed themselves on something they can’t digest well, meaning they have to eat and shit all day. They don’t breed very well, it’s almost like they want to go extinct. And on top of it, they are the tool of the quite dubious Panda Diplomacy of the Chinese government.

Destroy racism, yes! But don’t be like a panda!

Edit: Okay, sometimes it’s okay to be like a panda.

Asi Assi

Werte Mitbenutzer der Deutschen Sprache. Das Ministerium für sprachlich korrekte Beleidigungen in der Anwendung (kurz MfskBidA) weißt auf folgende Abkürzungen hin:

Assi (hartes/scharfes S) = Assistent
Asi (weiches S) = Asozialer

(Mir ist bewusst, dass laut Duden beides „Assi“ geschrieben wird, doch eine Unterscheidung wäre nett, zumal die Aussprache unterschiedlich ist.)

Repository of the human kind

While playing around with my subversion repository it occured to me. If „female“ is a branch (codename: Eva) of the „male“ trunk (codename: Adam)… but was never merged back… „male“ must be the latest stable version of the project human.

This unstable version status of the female branch sure explains a lot. Oh sure, it is somewhat more advanced. The GUI for example. Looks way better than the stable male version, I’d never touch some parts of that. But this is also the first problem. For some uses, it’s more difficult to handle, hard to find all the buttons and sometimes they work better or worse than other times or even trigger a totally different event. Then there are better sensors. Being able to tell the difference between 20 different kinds of yellow is surely an advanced feature. And they are able to fork child processes. Okay, this feature is a bit buggy, since the forks don’t share a common memory with the other processes. Inheritance doesn’t work very well, too. You you still have to pass on some arguments during runtime to make it a working process. Heck, they can’t even handle buffer overflow at start. But that’s another topic, back to the „Eva“ branch. And speaking of arguments… don’t try. This feature has a messed up configuration. ‚Nuff said ‚bout that. Like most developer versions, it’s output is set to verbose mode. If you don’t watch it, the data might cause your disc or memory to overflow/crash. Unfortunally this is hard to filter. Most times you try this, it gets even worse. But the females own logs are quite detailed. The branch version can recall error events which are years back. Obviously all these features need a lot more resources. Especially a large set of themes to customize. The boot part alone can fill many racks. So be sure you are able to support upgrades for your female.

Overall you have to be careful with the unstable female version. While it has some great features and is really fun to handle… it might blow up in your face now and then…

They served a spear

Today they served mammoth skewer (Mammutspieß) at the cafeteria. They came from jurassic meat and the hunting spear was still in it. To make it clear, the skewer was almost double the size of the plate, nearly as big as the tray, and full of meat. Truely a man’s dish.

But makes you think. Two years ago, they started to reveal several cases and scandals of exipred food, that has been relabeled and put out for sale again. (Called „Gammelfleisch“ in Germany.)

Now, if they even promote the food with a name like that… ain’t that somewhat suspicious? How old was that meat? The Pliocene epoch was a long time ago… at least when using a human scale to measure… especially when using best before dates…

Still, I had fun. Only thing that didn’t fit was the side dish… rice… don’t get me wrong, I love rice… but this skewer called for a more manly side dish… like home fries (Bratkartoffeln) or any other variant of potatoes. I wonder if they will keep up with the size… or if they go along their usual nouvelle cuisine sized dishes.

Everything used to be better

While listening to the Sunscreen Song (Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)) it came to me: The bible must be right in at least one point.

If every generation fantasizes about how everything used to be better and how good it was back in the days and if we follow this path back into the past long enough… we once were living in paradise.