Recap Week 2012-16

I think I can now add baking to my skill list (even if just on a low level). Of course, a lot to improve, but after making cookies for Christmas, helping to bake a cake and glaze it (only mentioning the glazing, because it was a penguin and thus a bit more complicated) for New Year’s Eve, as well as baking one just by myself now, I think I can try to bake something now any time (quality of the results are open to speculations). I guess I have to dig out all those /fit/ baking recipies and give them a try.

Fitocracy points: 2973 [50 from quest] – My upper and lower heavy routines weren’t that good this week.

Zitat: Ballistische Experimente mit kristallinem H2O auf dem Areal der Pädagogischen Institutionen unterliegen striktester Prohibition! [Can’t really translate that quote well into English, so just in German this week.]

Recap Week 2012-15

You just want to do your car something good and take it to the car wash and what’s the reward: Car won’t start afterwards. Oh great. And what was the problem (after checking out more obvious things)? The ignition coil had a crack – again – and got wet. Thank you creepage current! Well, it’s been a few months since I had to work on my car, so of course it felt neglected.

Aside that, I can’t remember anything from that week, except my regular stuff, stuff I already posted and spending too much time at work. And I’ll have to focus a bit more on RPG not, since I’ll be the game master again. Oh sweet playing time, I’ll miss you. It’ll be a loooong time till we’re finished with that upcoming part(s).

Fitocracy points: 3051 + lvl2 deadlift achievement – Feeling way better again and training went mostly good.

In other news: 6-digit


Schauer im Herzen
Der Morgen dämmert bald
Ein Regenbogen


Recap Week 2012-14

On the long easter weekend I’ve been trying some stuff in the kitchen again. One of the conclusions is, that asparagus shouldn’t be boiled in water, but rather in it’s own juice in the oven. Tastes so much better. Also, investing in meat thermometer has been worth the money, the roast beef I cooked was perfectly medium to well-done.

Sneak flick was a predictable, semi-funny German movie, which I didn’t watch to the end. Wrote a semi-review in German about Einer wie Bruno.

Favourite quote: Cursi, extuli, ostentavi. (I ran, I lifted, I posed/showed off.)
We were trying to find a quote similar to „Veni, vidi, vici.“ on Fitocracy. After some debating (none of us is really fluent in Latin), this is the result we got so far. Quite a bit with my own research and memory of that one year I took Latin in school.

Fitocracy points: 1179 – First real training after my sickness. I plan on going back to normal and breaking some personal records again this week.

Google Project: Glass

Wieder mal ein interessantes Google Projekt: Project: Glass

Wenn man mal von meiner natürlichen Paranoia absieht bei allem was Google (oder Facebook) produziert, so freue ich mich doch, dass es endlich ein großes Projekt in dieser Richtung zu geben scheint. Eigentlich ist das schon lange überfällig, der Nutzen im Alltag und vor allem in der Arbeitswelt für ein vernünftiges, persönliches Head-Up-Display (HUD) ist enorm. Für Computerarbeiter wie mich, die eh ständig vorm Computer hängen natürlich weniger (außer um weniger davor zu sitzen), aber man stelle sich einfach mal den Nutzen in einer Fabrik vor, wenn man ständig mit allen wichtigen Informationen versorgt wird. Von der Forschung ganz zu schweigen. Im Bereich der Sicherheit kann hier sicher viel erreicht werden und auch für Senioren kann ich mir nützliche Dinge vorstellen die ihnen den Alltag erleichtern. Augmented Reality wird dann endlich etwas wirklich Nutzbares. Insgesamt fühle ich mich da ein wenig an Ghost in the Shell erinnert. Künstliche Augen die alles ins Blickfeld projizieren was man braucht und auch so nützliche Dinge machen können wie Barcodes und Datenmatrix zu entschlüsseln.

Aber wie gesagt, da entsteht bei mir eine gewisse Paranoia. Nicht nur, dass Google dann über Handys alles mitkriegen würde, nein, sondern sogar direkt aus dem Blickwinkel der Nutzer. Und da man dieses System vermutlich länger aktiv haben wird (Augmented Reality ist ja schließlich praktisch, erst recht wenn man kein Gerät mehr in der Hand halten muss) als Beispielsweise ein Handy, ist Google viel besser im Bilde was die Nutzer so tun. Und wenn man mal vergisst die Kamera abzuschalten… nun, dann kann man auf YouTube Ruhm für den besten Klogang des Tages bekommen.

Doch in gewisser Weise ist mir das egal, denn die Erforschung der Technologie für persönliche HUDs öffnet viel mehr Türen und muss ja nur für Google interessant sein. Ganz sicher würde ich nicht zu den Early Adopters gehören, doch auf jeden Fall werde ich das Thema aufmerksam beobachten.

Recap Week 2012 -13

Still being sick this week, thus not a lot to report. No sneak preview (looks like I missed The Grey), no training.

But I finally got around to play through the Special Edition of „The Secret of Monkey Island“ and starting the SE of „Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge“. I do like the remake of MI1, but the one of MI2 is really great. The graphics are way better and they included audio commentary by Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman. Really enjoyable and enlightening. And very interesting that, even though I haven’t been playing these games for ages, I still can remember every solution… eventually. I wonder when I will find the time to play the rest of MI2. Maybe after that I could replay the other Monkey Island games. And maybe that’ll be even this year… yeah, as if.

Favourite quote: Imagine if every Thursday your shoes exploded if you tied them the usual way. This happens to us all the time with computers, and nobody thinks of complaining. – Jef Raskin

Fitocracy points: 55 [no real training this week, trying to recover]

Regarding this Blog: Well, I did post several older posts (more than I originally planned) and will probably also post some from the first blog, as well as the movie reviews I wrote years back. After that, I might do some SEO, just for the heck of it.