What’s boredom?

After thinking about all the things I am doing and all I plan on doing I figured one thing out. I’m never going to be bored. Well at least not in the term of finding nothing to do.

I currently have two photo shootings to review to select and edit images for publication. One of them is an important (for me at last) band shooting. And I still want to train my Gimp skills a bit more. Then there’s the 3D stuff I want to work on which also leads directly to video editing. Not to mention the to-be-filled-with-acryl-paint canvases, the soapstones in my drawer or the concept drawings for masks and stuff. That was just a general rundown on art. There’s still my kitchen to do, which is also a mayor time-killer. And what was that about writing a book? I didn’t even spend time to write some notes for at least a year. Don’t even get me started on movie reviews. Anyone remembering me writing about UAVP? Forget it. And there’s still so much to learn and do with computers. Leisure? Oh sure, I got dozens of books to read, DVDs to watch, games to play and who knows what. I’m sure some day… okay, Im not sure, I rather doubt it…

Anyway.. I’m typing these lines on a EeePC 1000H I want to test for work… yeah I know… something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

So, what’s boredom?

And what is this burnout syndrom Schoggi keeps mentioning? Is that edible? Maybe tasty even?

Boredom, shmordom… feh… that’s about as foreign to me as this chilly feeling or freezing people keep mentioning these days.