They served a spear

Today they served mammoth skewer (Mammutspieß) at the cafeteria. They came from jurassic meat and the hunting spear was still in it. To make it clear, the skewer was almost double the size of the plate, nearly as big as the tray, and full of meat. Truely a man’s dish.

But makes you think. Two years ago, they started to reveal several cases and scandals of exipred food, that has been relabeled and put out for sale again. (Called „Gammelfleisch“ in Germany.)

Now, if they even promote the food with a name like that… ain’t that somewhat suspicious? How old was that meat? The Pliocene epoch was a long time ago… at least when using a human scale to measure… especially when using best before dates…

Still, I had fun. Only thing that didn’t fit was the side dish… rice… don’t get me wrong, I love rice… but this skewer called for a more manly side dish… like home fries (Bratkartoffeln) or any other variant of potatoes. I wonder if they will keep up with the size… or if they go along their usual nouvelle cuisine sized dishes.